What Is Peking University's Tuition?

Peking University Tuition Fees Summary

One of the best known programs for higher education is Peking University in China here you can find all different fields in humanities, sciences, and engineering. The tuition arrangement at Peking University may be paid attention to by fresh graduate students, especially for overseas kids.

The Cost of Each Campus Tuition fees by program

There are a whole range of costs associated with studying in China, as you would expect, and tuition fees at Peking University differ greatly depending on level of study and program. The tuition is usually 26,000 to 30,000 RMB yearly (about 3,700 to 4,300 USD) depending upon the undergraduate program. This is an overarching range which would encompass most of the undergraduate programs that the university has to offer.

Graduate study can cost more Tuition for masterĀ“s programs is mostly sitting at 29,000 RMB per year (4,150 USD) to 40,000 RMB (5,700 USD) per year, and the prices for Doctoral programs are similar, ranging from 32,000 RMB to 40,000 RMB (4,570 USD - 5,700 USD) per year.

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This tuition may be more for particular programs, especially for MBA and executive education. At Peking University's Guanghua School of Management, for example:An elite program: Paid at programming language per year 188,000 RMB (about 26900 USD) also showed that these elite programs often provided extra-topnotch resources and prestige.

In addition to tuition, students will also have other university fees for things like application fees, registration fees and course-specific or requirements fees.

Media (Financial Aid and Scholarships)

There are a number of scholarships and financial aid packages available for international students and students in need at Peking University to help with the financial stress of paying university tuition fees. Financial supports can include partial to full tuition, as well as a living stipend.

For New Students Planning to Study

Prospective students, you need to be prepared for the expenses you will have to face when coming to study at Peking University. It is important to consider the cost of tuition as well as other associated expenses when making decisions against the backdrop of higher education abroad.

In short, although the peking university tuition is not so friendly, the university is worth the effort no doubt due to its wide range of educational opportunities which translate to an invaluable investment for its students.

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